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Crypt Intro

What is Crypt?

Crypt is a decentralized estate planning application which allows custodial and non custodial execution of the winding up of estates.

Why Avalanche

There were a few considerations we wanted when choosing which chain to launch on:
  • Price for our users
  • Speed
  • Philosophy
  • Existing mature toolset
We narrowed down our options to Ethereum, BSC and Avalanche due to Ethereums mature toolset and BSC/Avalanche's ability to leverage that existing toolset.
While Ethereum matches our philosophy and we love them, we couldn't expect our users to sacrifice speed and costs. BSC offered a great price point and speed, however their philosophy isn't well aligned to what we're trying to do.
This left Avalanche and I'm happy to say that Avalanche meets all those criteria hands down.
Last modified 2yr ago